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Interested in purchasing timber frame shop drawings for future projects?

Please visit: www.tfshopdrawings.com

Interested in buying a student built frame?

We sell all of the frames built by the students at a great price.
For more information, please contact jgibsongtf@gmail.com

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What tools do I need?

You will need to bring a 24" framing square, 25' tape measure, a few pencils, safety boots, safety glasses, and hearing protection.

You are welcome to bring other hand tools, squares, planes, chisels etc, but this is not required, and I will have everything here that we will need. If you do bring hand tools, I would recommend labeling them well, so they don't get mixed in with the communal shop tools


What skills do I need?

For the Square Rule Timber Framing course - no previous experience or skills are required.

For the Trusses and Purlins course you should have one of:

  • 1 year of experience working in the carpentry field or equivalent knowledge
  • Completion of the Square Rule Timber Framing course


Purchase and Download Timber Frame Shop Drawings

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Jason Gibson Timber Frame Courses

Jason Gibson Timber Frame Courses

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